How to make oats smoothie

Oatmeal smoothies

Today I am sharing a healthy breakfast which will help you to keep you feeling fuller till lunch time.

An ideal breakfast smoothie in your weight loss journey. Let’s get started with the recipe. Now to make smoothies. Soak about 10 to 12 almonds overnight. Now the reason why you need to soak the almond is to easily remove the almond outer skin. So you need to remove the skin of the almond to help in the nutrients absorbed faster into your body. So this is a very important value using almonds that are soaked overnight. Next roast 3 tbsp oats using old fashioned rolled oats you made lightly roasted the oats. Put it on medium flame. Then put in other utensils for completely cold. Put the almond and one glass of water into the mixer. Then pulse for two or three times. Then add oats and add chopped apple. Then add two three teaspoon cinnamon powder. Then add 1 tablespoon of flax seed then pulse for a couple of times and your smoothie oats recipe is ready.

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